-GENERAL INSTRUCTUION- You are to submit a report that analyzes your selected ma

You are to submit a report that analyzes your selected market segment.
In particular, you are to determine who is interested in your product. This means developing a profile of typical customers in reference to age, gender, martial status, family size, income level and location. Note the similarities and differences these have compared to averages.
Develop appropriate price ranges based on past history and incomes.
Forecast potential customers.
All of these must be supported by metrics from your pivot tables developed using the Polkville database.
Formatting Guidelines
Three pages of commentary (excluding graphs), single spaced, one inch margins, 12 pt Times Roman font, with a title page. Doc or docx format. You may add additional pages containing charts or graphs.
Be sure to attach your pivot table in xlsx format.
You may combine these into a pdf document.
Marketing Analysis
Your firm, Palm Tree Enterprises, is interested in the market for single family homes. Your group has
been requested to perform an analysis on their dataset to answer some key questions about customers.
They are interested in determining who is buying their product, particularly in terms of their gender,
income, age group, etc. What prices ranges are appropriate for this group? Are there potential
customers that could be targeted for this product?
Instructions: you are to use the marketing database to create a pivot table that helps you answer these
questions. You will submit (upload) that finished pivot table. Management must be able to modify this
table to explore trends and data relationships.
You are expected to develop or use any statistical metric to support your analysis. While there is no
single solution, there is a logical pattern of analysis you are to demonstrate in the body of your report.
Finally, you will construct a report to management detailing the key characteristics of their target
market, helping them understand what the data is revealing and how it answers their questions.
Your report should contain at least three pages of text (excluding graphs), single spaced, 12 pt font, one
inch margins, with an appropriate title page listing your organization and its members. Your report
should be addressed to the CEO. You may use bullet points, and graphs. Upload the report in Canvas in
either the doc or docx format. PDF is also acceptable.
-MEMBERS: Clyneshia Neil , Corbett Stoskopf, Mary Baker
There is a Polkville file attached with the data for the assignment. Thank you!!

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