Essay 1. You are to choose 10 vocabulary words from the different chapters of th

1. You are to choose 10 vocabulary words from the different chapters of the book, (not
from one chapter only).
2. The essay is not a chapter summary, a review, a list of words or a definition of
3. The 20 words must be CAPITALIZED and will help explain how they relate, apply, or
represent you and it will be 1,500 -3,000 words
4. Essay will be submitted as docx, doc, and pdf files
5. When you borrow a quote from the book because it represents you well, make sure
to cite the source so it is not plagiarism.
6. For help with Citation as you write the Response Paper homework and Essay,
please refer to: Western eTutoring Consortium or Online Writing Lab
7. Automatic zero (F) for cheating/plagiarizing.
8. Essay will be submitted on the week of Final test or sooner when you are ready.
9. Please plan accordingly so you don’t miss out on the points for a better grade.
Open This to use to help find the Definition this it the book pdf I am using
This is a Sample Essay that my Professor used to help us start the paper
I found the section on DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY very interesting. How we develop from an EGG and a SPERM to becoming a ZYGOTE is amazing. The MATURATION that every FETUS undergoes inside the mother’s WOMB is so fascinating. A grown up like me starting from a dot is a wonder of nature.
I also learned from the Developmental Psychology chapter the explanation why people at my dad’s office, when they saw me the first time, knew right away that I am my dad’s daughter even if I have not been introduced to them. It is because I got his GENES which shows in my PHENOTYPE. Well, I really, really look like my dad. There is no way to deny it when you see me. I am a carbon copy. Good thing my dad is good looking so I welcome the GIFT of being a look alike. Now that I am a mom, I was able to pass down the CHROMOSOME to my daughter who looks like me too. Just like me and my dad, when people see my daughter, they know right away that I am her mom.
Growing up, I also wondered why I am shorter than my cousins. My mom is the same thing. She is the shortest among her siblings. The reason she gave me is that NATURE and NURTURE do play a big part in this. My mom’s siblings got their height from their parents. While my mom INHERITED hers from her great grandparents who were both slightly taller than 5 feet. My mom said she NOURISHED herself well eating good food, drinking lots of MILK, and SLEPT a lot but unlike her siblings she did not grow much. I also found out they were all BREASTFED too. Although my mom is short, she claims she is SMART and STRONG. She often reminded me of this a lot while I was growing up: “even if you are short, you are smart so don’t let your height stop you from doing what you want!”

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