Choose ONE of the following topics in which to write a 8 page research paper def

Choose ONE of the following topics in which to write a 8 page research paper defending a position on the issue and presenting possible solutions. The thesis MUST include solutions to the problems/issue that will be the topic.
(Please send me a message with what topic you want to choose and how you will make it into a more specific topic Because the topic solicit or just general ideas)
Like what are some particular aspects of the problem that you may focus on in the paper for instance you can make human trafficking more specific and turn it into focusing on traffic in laws which vary from state state with victims often being arrested and treated like criminals reinforcing their belief that the police can’t be trusted. Another example you can turn it into exploring Human trafficking as a global problem. And you can also turn it Economic: what impact does human trafficking have on the economies of states? Psychological: how do such cases hurt the victims and why it happens? Moral: why does the demand remain high?
Requirements and description of paper:
-I want a topic that people would be interested in reading was saying presentation about it
-I want a topic paper most people don’t know about and won’t some like a generic paper (Original)
-IMPORTANT: I want a rough draft of the paper By April 29 Friday 6 AM but it can be different and shorter from what you decide to do with the final paper; the draft can say something different from the final paper
-Use five sentences to write down what the paper will be about what it will look like like a plan
– (In 12 hours the cited page draft/ 11:00 pm today)
– Make the paper unique and stand out in a way
1) Agribusiness and mass production of food
2) Genetic engineering of vegetation, food and animals
3) Medical insurance
4) Relating health to economic disadvantage or advantage
5) Medical Apartheid on America
6) Female health and medical insurance
7) Socialized medicine
8) Affordable healthcare for all
9) CDC
10) Human Trafficking
(After picking topic)
– Use five sentences to write down what youra paper will be about/what it will look (like a plan)
– (MUST be provided by April 29 6 AM: Write an OUTLINE for the paper again this can look completely different from the final finished paper)
Must include:
In 12 hours: Cited page draft (for sources)
(Just a draft so it doesn’t have to be the same sources in the final paper)
1. Minimum of ten (10) research sources (both primary and secondary)
2. Works Cited Page (Must meet the following criteria for reliable sources)
[ – Encyclopedia or Electronic Encyclopedia (no more than one)
– Electronic Sources (no more than four)
– Periodicals: Journals/Magazines and Newspapers (no more than three)
– Books (at least one) ]
This is for the final paper:
1. Journal: Log (time and purpose) recording a minimum of 50 hours of research, relevant research information
2. Project planning page
3. Source sheets (10)
-Have a summary of each source and that includes the author, title, main point and Two quotes and this can be in like three sentences
-And have comments on the relevance it has to the research paper. (How will you use the source?) This can be 3 to 5 sentences
Sorry if I made this sound confusing

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