As you have probably guessed, religion, or the absence of religion can be illust

As you have probably guessed, religion, or the absence of religion can be illustrated through a variety of mediums. It often plays an important role in film, but does film play an important role in religion? A broader question is, “Does film play an important role in the way people understand religion and religious concepts?
Although there are films that deal specifically with religious themes, most movies are secular. They are not intended to present a religious interpretation of life, and we do not expect them to do s; however, religion is a part of the lives of many people, so it is realistic to assume that religious references will be present in film. When film and religion intersect, we are given a glimpse of culture, a visual picture of the role of religion in our society.
For this assignment, select a film of your choosing. I use “film” broadly. You may select a cartoon series, animation, documentary, or a series that you have “binge watched.” Analyze the ways in which movies, accurately or inaccurately, portray religious beliefs, themes, and images as you critically view your selection. You will attempt to ascertain if viewers are being given factual information about religion, stereotypes, myth fantasy conjecture, or merely Hollywood’s take on what they want the viewer to believe.
As you watch the films, consider the following questions:
Which features of religion are present?
What is the intention of the filmmakers in presenting religion concepts in the manner in which it has been presented?
What does the film teach about religion or a religion?
Has the film given a fair representation?
Is the information given factual?
What ideas of religion have been reinforced, represented, resisted?
What role does the film play in the construction of religious stereotypes?
If the Bible or other sacred texts are used, are they given a fair and accurate reading?
If a viewer knew nothing about the religion or theme being used, what would they have learned?
What is your opinion regarding the portrayal of religion in the film?
What surprised you about the portrayals in the film
Write a 2 – 2.5 page review addressing the questions above. Title your review with the name of the film watched.
DUE: 04/09/2022 by 11:59 PM
* Think BROADLY about the term “religion.” Religion and religious practices are diverse. The film or media selection does not have to be a Christian-based selection. Challenge yourself to explore a faith or practice that is unfamiliar to you.
***Important**** I run all papers through “turnitin.” Cite all sources used.

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