The final research project is a research study that looks at the data collected

The final research project is a research study that looks at the data collected from a sample of subjects who are NOT part of any protected population or already existing data. (For instance, social work staff, agency records, interns) This project must include all of the following subheadings, referencing the research proposal developed and submitted in SWK 90. Details describing the data collection and the sample selection should be included as outlined below.
I. Introduction: The introduction summarizes the research proposal and states the problem that is being investigated. Include the research question that the study addresses. Be specific in terms of what this research is about.
II. Present the Data: Presentation of the Data includes all of the steps and procedures that lead to and complete the data collection. Required in this section are details about the sample and the sample selection; the measurement instrument or survey; any already existing data from records, charts or elsewhere that were reviewed and collected.
All findings need to be presented in appropriate tables, charts or graphs, including distribution tables that effectively describe, summarize and interpret the data. Specifically, variables or sets of variables need to be labeled, defined, operationalized and measured.
III. Data Analysis: The data analysis is a discussion of the data.
What do these findings indicate? What are the implications of your findings?
How does your data shed light on your research question?
Are there trends? What is the correlation between your variables?
What are the strengths and limitations? Are there any ethical issues?
IV. Implications: Where can your report do the most good? Identify an individual/ agency/ organization or client group that would be most interested in (possibly utilizing) your findings. How was your report received in your agency? What are your recommendations? What do you think needs to be done in light of the data; in terms of practice, the profession, and further research?
V. Conclusion- A paragraph summarizing what was learned and providing closure to the interpretation of the data.
VI. Survey- include a copy of your survey
VII. Bibliography
The following is a breakdown of project grade by section:
I. Introduction 10%
III. Present the Data 30%
IV. Data Analysis 25%
V. Implication 25%
VI. Conclusion 10%
I have uploaded what I have done thus far, I just need an Intro, data analysis, survey, and implication section w/ a biblography.

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