Now that we’ve come to the end…it’s time for our final reflections. You enroll

Now that we’ve come to the end…it’s time for our final reflections. You enrolled in Word Literature at a time when the country is embroiled in a “war” over the concept of Critical Race Theory and confronting America’s racial history, the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, fighting for women’s reproductive rights, Asian hate crimes, and even the dismantling of American Democracy. Perhaps (and it certainly is my hope), reading literature from other cultures has transformed your thinking about certain issues that we confront in our communities, because, deep down, our humanity is more important than our differences.
For your final, please review this video (Links to an external site.). After viewing, consider how reading world literature this semester has helped you think more critically about current global events and whether you learned something about yourself and your cultures and commuinities.
Though this assignment is primarily reflective, it will require a full essay (2-3 pages), not a paragraph. You may refer to any of the texts read during the class. You may use the aforementioned issues as a guide, but if there is another pressing issue you’d like to discuss, feel free to do so. Secondary sources are appreciated but not required, but if you do use external sources, cite using MLA documentation.

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