Instructions For this assignment, you will analyze the legal environment within

For this assignment, you will analyze the legal environment within your emergency medical service (EMS) organization. If you are not currently employed by an EMS organization, you may select an organization local to you or of interest to you. It could be related to employment, discrimination, harassment, or any other legal challenge. As we learned in this unit, emergency medical services organizations must adhere to multiple laws and regulations that govern operations. Subsequently, as you look at your organization, you may find that it is challenged in making sure that employees adhere to the legal compliance requirements. Even with the compliance training, sufficient knowledge, and awareness provided by human resource management or even your own training division, in real-life many times legal issues arise within the environment of the organization.
To begin, you should thoroughly investigate your emergency medical service organization to determine possible legal actions or challenges and how they could impact the workforce and organization. While the answers may appear obvious to you, you must know what issues may be within your emergency service organization before you can determine the legal environment. You may want to create an outline or list of the legal actions or those that have become a challenge to the organization. Make sure you outline possible legal actions and how they could impact the workforce and organization.
Below is a list of possible legal challenges to assist you in your writing:
discrimination and harassment,
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA),
minimum wage,
unsafe workplace complaints and conditions,
workers’ compensation for illness or injury on the job, and
wrongful discharge/termination of employment.
In your assessment, you must include at least the following:
Describe the legal challenges present in or facing your organization.
Describe the legal actions related to employment and how they apply to your organization.
Explain how these legal actions could impact your organization and the workforce as a whole.
Discuss the adverse impact of legal actions on your organization and EMS.
The legal assessment of your organization must be at least three pages in length. In your writing, you must use at least three sources. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations following proper APA Style format.
*use Orange Beach Fire Department (OBFD).in Alabama for the paper

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