[Instructions] For each accommodation: Name the accommodation Provide the locat

For each accommodation:
Name the accommodation
Provide the location of the accommodation (where you took the picture)
Describe this accommodation and explain how it is meant to assist people with disabilities
I will give you 5 accomodations which are..
1. Restroom for people with disabilities
2. Parking lot for people with disabilities
3. Door with Handicap Door Push Buttons on the side for people with disabilities
4. Braille blocks along the sidewalk for people with disabilities
5. Ramps for people with disabilities
* For each Acoomodations the description of each accommodation should be at least one paragraph long(8lines), which is the number 3 in the insturction given above. Rest of numbers 1 and 2 will be completed by me so you can ignore. For each accomodation please use at least one reliable source and make a citation at the end of the essay in APA 7th edition format.
*For each accommodation please write at least 10 lines or more of explanation
* I will attach an example so please refer to it while writing. Also describe each accommodation individually with appropriate subheadings. Please do not merge subheadings. Lastly, provide appropriate in-text citations.

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