Write two essays (2 x 5 points maximum; 10% of the final grade) Instructions: Ch

Write two essays (2 x 5 points maximum; 10% of the final grade)
Instructions: Choose one topic from each of the two groups and write an essay. There are three topics to choose from in group one, and ten topics in group two. As you will see, each of the topics in the first group has specific questions for you to elaborate on.
Each of the two essays is to be a minimum of 400 words long and demonstrate your understanding of the topic.
To receive the maximum score for your essays (5 points per essay), your essays need to be clearly written and well-argued, with examples and/or quotes, where applicable.
Remember to include a bibliography of secondary sources you used while writing your essays.
Submit your essays electronically using the course Canvas site. The deadline to submit your essays is Friday, April 29 at 11:59 PM.
I. Essay Topics Group One (choose one of the three):
Topic 1: Contemporary Poland
a. What protests/demonstrations have been taking part in Poland in the recent years? Do you see any similarities between Poland and the US as far as the issues that mobilize people to take action? How different or similar are the social or historical contexts in which these protests/ demonstrations are occurring?
b. If you were to live in today’s Poland, would you support the government or the people who protest the government’s actions? Why do you think so?
c. In both countries, Poland and the US, there is a significant portion of society that is against Covid vaccination. What might be the historical and social reasons for this attitude? Compare and contrast.
Topic 2: Polish and American constitutions
a. Describe and analyze (the pros and cons of each) two different approaches to writing the constitution, the Polish and the American.
b. What might be the historical and social reasons for these approaches?
c. Do you think that the US should or could write a new constitution? Why do you think so?
Topic 3: Compare the Polish and American experiences of WWII
a. Which population was more affected, in which way and why?
b. What could be considered each country’s important contributions to fighting the Nazis?
c. What did the outcome of the war mean for each of the countries?
d. In which way did WWII change both countries and define their future? Can you see any long-lasting effects of the war still today?
II. Essay Topics Group Two (choose one of the ten):
1. “Out at Sea”: a play about democracy and human nature
2. Discuss the poems connected with the WWII experience (Szymborska, Herbert and Różewicz)
3. Discuss the short story “This Way to the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen”
4. Discuss the short story “The One from Hamburg”
5. Discuss the story “When There is Talk of 1945”.
6. Discuss two short films “Tango” and “The Cathedral”
7. Discuss contemporary Polish art. Choose a few examples (minimum 3), describe them, and explain their potential meaning.
8. Discuss “Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima” by Krzysztof Penderecki
10. Discuss the old and contemporary Polish wedding traditions. You may choose to compare them to the traditions of a different ethnic group you know.

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