Write a research paper based on the topic that I provided. 10 pages mla, double

Write a research paper based on the topic that I provided. 10 pages mla, double spaced. I have suggested sources, thesis, and intro paragraph I just need the body paragraph, and conclusion. You can add additional sources you see fit and do youre own style of writing as long as it supports the thesis.
Intro and thesis
The mystery of the holy trinity
The holy trinity, the son, the father, and the holy spirit is a fundamental belief in Christianity. Orthodox teaches us that the holy trinity is one and three in its distinctions. God is one and God is three equally. God reveals to us the mystery of the holy trinity in various ways. God is one in ways that he is the only creator and the only lord. God is also three in name, body, minister, and servant. God is one in its behavior, thinking, wish, grant and punishment…etc. God is three in its name, the father, the son, and the holy spirit. God has three bodies, the father has its own distinctive body, the son has its own distinctive body, and the holy spirit has its own distinctive body. For example, in the bible, when Jesus was baptized, a dove, a voice from heaven was revealed. Jesus is the son, the voice is the father and the dove is the holy spirit all appeared in their own distinctive appearance. The body is not like the human body that is touchable or seen. God is one in essence and triple in person.
To the Coptic Church, the understanding of the holy trinity is very important to redemption and salvation.

An Introduction to the Orthodox Conception of the Holy Trinity


What is the doctrine of the Holy Trinity?- Part 1

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