This will be the questions for the Final: Please make sure to write at least 750

This will be the questions for the Final:
Please make sure to write at least 750 words
Please use at least 2 outside sources to strengthen your arguments
Your will need a citations pg.
Please respond to both prompts.
Please make the argument is as objective as possible, meaning give an argument that everyone can use. The argument should not be just be a personal argument, it should be an argument that either defends one side or other.
1.Descartes asked us to imagine we were just a Brain in a Vat(a vat is like a vase). He said if you are a Brain in a Vat, your whole reality is just made up (like when your dreaming). But even if you are a Brain in a Vat you must admit that you’re still thinking, that’s where the slogan “I think therefore I am” comes from, I am thinking therefore I am existing, maybe just as a Brain in a Vat but I still exist. Well lets update this thought experiment just a little, What if you are just in living in a simulation? Then all of your reality would be fake, made up and we really wouldn’t know anything at all.
I would like you to watch the video titled “Are we living in a simulation” then reflect on the ideas that we might not really know anything and that we might be living in a simulation. Here is the video (Links to an external site.)
2.Next I would like you to imagine, many years from now when you are elderly, you are sitting at home when you get a visit from you granddaughter. She comes to you excited and happier than you had ever seen her. She begins to tell you about a the person who she has fallen head over heels for. She tells you about all amazing and loving characteristics of that person. She goes on for what seems like hours, about how great the person is. Then all of the sudden, she begins to get quiet and you see stress creep into her face. You ask her what happened, whats wrong , where did her smile go? She responds that even though the person she is telling you about is absolutely amazing with her, that person has one fault. You tell her, “we all have faults, what is theirs?” She replies that the person is not a person in the traditional sense. They are an Android, a computer for a brain and and prosthetics for a body.
What would your response be? Remember try not to respond with the same discrimination and prejudices that our grandparents responded with when it came to questions of love between people who were of different Races and/or the same gender

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