The student will be able to discriminate global concerns related to achieving cu

The student will be able to discriminate global concerns related to achieving culturally competent healthcare by:
Recognizing multi-cultural and racial barriers, trends, and healthcare issues from a global nursing perspective.
Describing the future of health care from a global perspective.
We have explored disparities within the United States. In this unit, we will view disparities from a global perspective. Global health impacts all of our patients considering recent crises due to the Ebola and Zika viruses.
Nurses provide 60-80% of the world’s health care. This level of involvement alone places emphasis on the importance of awareness of global nursing challenges! You will examine their perspective regarding our role in addressing global health issues.
In this unit, you will discuss the future of health care from a global perspective through studying the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You will discover issues and barriers affecting healthcare globally and the impact this has locally. Sub-populations of the global health community, directly and indirectly, affect our ethnically diverse patients when at home or abroad.
Nurses serve in many capacities throughout the world. Many choose to work in foreign countries, and with these opportunities come special challenges and rewards. In this unit, you will focus on international nursing and the role nurses play in the future of global health and healthcare.
[Measures MLOs: 4a, 4b]
Module Topics and Essential Questions
Critically analyze the relevance of a global health perspective to nurses.
Discuss the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and current global health trends.
Examine global health issues and the nurses’ role as global citizens.
Describe the role of nurses in the development of international strategies and global public health programs.
Explore ways to prepare for a career in global public health and international nursing.

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