so i need part 1 and the power point presentation slides for parts 2 my deadline

so i need part 1 and the power point presentation slides for parts 2
my deadline is May 1
she didnt specify the number of slides but i need to be reading the power point presentation in 8 minutes so as long as the slides cover all the objectives she requested in part 2 i’m fine
Presentation: 25 points
Paper: 50 points
You will do a film analysis project. You will submit your chosen movie mentioned below on the discussion board on HFC online. No repetition of the movie.
There are two parts to it. Paper and oral presentation.
This assignment is worth 75 points.
Imagine, you are a life coach that specializes in Interpersonal Communication. You need to observe different encounters between individuals in the movie between characters. Using what you’ve learned in the text, I am asking you to analyze their behaviors, and communication constructs as they relate to interpersonal communication with the characters. The encounters that you observe will actually be from a film/ show of your choice from the given list.
Any film analysis copied from YOUTUBE or from Google will receive a zero. Copying the assignment from a friend, family member or colleague will lead to no points. Plagiarism will lead to failing the course.
Part 1 (50 points)
Must include 3 credible sources ( one has to be a scholarly journal, excluding the textbook)
Must include the dialogue indirect quote or paraphrase it.
Must be a communication analysis paper and not a film review.
Must be detailed in looking at the communication concepts and theories discussed in the textbook.
Must be 4-5 pages. Double-space and 12- point Times New Roman.
Must have an introduction, including the thesis statement, explaining the purpose of the paper, and a preview of the concepts and theory that you will be reviewing. The body needs to explain the communication analysis between characters from the film using theories (must include one at least) and concepts from the textbook and other credible sources. For closing review the main ideas and leave the ending with questioning the reader)
This is an academic paper, avoid ‘I’ pronouns. Proofread the paper.
Use proper in-text citation.
Part 2
Will video record your PowerPoint presentation 8-10 minutes. You should be dressed appropriately. Must stand while presenting and imagining what you are doing in front of a live audience.
PowerPoint slides should be submitted including a BRIEF synopsis of the film followed by your analysis and explaining why (do or do not feel) the film was an effective “guidepost” for interpersonal communication.
Analyze a minimum of 5-6 encounters from the movie. You can take pictures or excerpts from the movie to – discuss topics and theories from the textbook. Try to look at concepts and theories that were not used previously. Communication models, communication process, o Self-concept and Perceptions, Culture and Identity, Nonverbal Communication, Listening, Emotions, Disclosure, Conflict, Close Relationships. Some concepts that you did not cover in the relationship paper.
Must is one theory in the analysis.
You can choose to discuss each topic related to each encounter or can choose to discuss specific encounters with specific topics.
Remember, you must discuss these topics as they relate to Interpersonal Communication. Must use terminology from the textbook or research three interpersonal articles from the HFC library database or Google Scholar. Cite specific examples from the film. You can describe your examples, use pictures, or use SHORT video clips.
Use details to show me that you understand how this material applies in the context of the film
For questions, email me, or can meet on Zoom.
Movies and shows to choose from. If you need to pick a movie that’s not on the list you must email me.
Modern family
Grey’s Anatomy
Big Bang Theory
Slumdog Millionaire
The Intern
Up in the Air
Beautiful mind
Harry met Sally
Get Out
Final Presentation Evaluation
Name of Presenter
Movie Name:
PowerPoint slides:
Name and title, Sequence of, Quality of Slides, appropriately designed, colors usage not distracting, did not include too much text, included pictures or hyperlinks, references. The presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors
Presentation Technique
Spoke within the time limit. Voice projection/eye contact, Non-verbal distractions (gestures/ hand waving, posture…), Verbal distractions (laughing, too personal, tics…) Enunciation clear, correct pronunciation Flow easy to follow / logical progression, projected confidence and did not read from the screen.
Transitions are smooth and interesting
Content and Organization:
Good start and end to the presentation.
Demonstrated knowledge of the concepts/theories, analyzed the movie in depth by explaining each scenario from the movie, followed a logical order, well-organized,
Included examples from the movie, and explained it appropriately.
All parts of the task are completed fully and support the theme/content of the presentation.

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