Parent Education is most likely going to be a component of your chosen career no

Parent Education is most likely going to be a component of your chosen career no matter what field you enter if it has to do with families in any capacity. This project will allow you to select a topic of interest to you (you can absolutely gear it toward your field of study), but is also a need for parents. This need might be related to social-emotional needs, parenting children with special needs, elder care, educational needs, healthy choices, or even related to family structure/discipline. Once you have decided on the topic for your Parent Education Project, you need to become familiar with current research in that area. Please submit a 2-3 page research paper regarding current theory, practice, and research related to your topic and the justification for why this topic is relevant to our parents today. You will need a minimum of 3 sources (they do not have to be peer-reviewed journals, but must be reputable sources).
One component of working with families and children in all realms of child development and education is parent/family education. This project requires you to design an hour long parent education presentation that addresses potential needs of a family (educational, social emotional, behavioral, etc.). The needs of the family can be at any stage of development from infancy to launching to adulthood. Please select a topic that will be relevant to your potential career path. Designing educational workshops and presentations are an integral part of your career field if you will be working with children or families. Consider this project to be something you can take and eventually use in the future.
· Write a short research paper that supports the need for your parent education topic (why is this important/relevant). APA format – Minimum of 3 sources
· Create an agenda with time allocations for each component of your presentation.
· Design a presentation that is visually engaging, creative, and well developed.
· Incorporate at least one interactive activity into your presentation (such as a visual schedule, chore chart, game, craft, etc.).
· Create at least one handout that is clear and related to the topic.
· Include next steps for continued support for the families after your presentation (When they leave your presentation, what will they need to do? Are there additional resources that will support them? What community agencies can provide support for this targeted need?)
· Cite all sources using APA format

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