Objectives Choose a topic for Essay 04 — The Research Paper. Choose a topic rel

Choose a topic for Essay 04 — The Research Paper.
Choose a topic related to something that we have studied in this class.
Choose a topic that you are interested in, but be sure that it is academic.
Develop several questions about that topic that you would like to answer.
Begin your research to answer those questions and eventually develop your own thesis.
Example Essay 04 Topics:
YES: Should we advertise to children?
YES: Is there a better way to grow beef?
YES: What should a college athlete eat in order to perform better?
YES: Is it safe to eat a fish caught in the Bay?
NO: Is Khloe Kardashian actually cooler than Kim? (not academic enough)
NO: Why is a cover-2 defense so strong against the outside run? (not academic enough)
NO: Do non-terrestrial rare earth metals demonstrate spontaneous trans-orbital spin flipping? (???)
Post 01:
Post your proposed research topic for Essay 04 in the following format:
Topic: What should I eat to maximize my health and fitness goals?
Question: How much protein do I need?
Question: Does my body type affect my nutritional needs?
Question: What is my body type and how do I tell?
Question: What should I be eating to most benefit my body type?
We been reading the Fast Food Nation book

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