Learning Outcomes Assessed: 2. Critically appraise organisational performanc

Learning Outcomes Assessed:
2. Critically appraise organisational performance using business tools and frameworks
3. Communicate a critical understanding of the complexity of the environmental, social, economic, and ethical responsibility and potential strategic organisational responses to business challenges
Demonstrate the ability to analyse, synthesise and present qualitative and quantitative data, both in an individual and group environment, by the application of methodological techniques
Assignment task(s):
This assignment requires you to undertake a sustainability audit of APEC Kolath (using the template provided) and recommend actions to manage the sustainability performance of the company. The audit, its findings and proposed recommendations to resolve 2 key issues found should be presented as a management report. It should comprise the following:
1. An assessment of APEC Kolath’s current performance in environmental and social sustainability including the impact of the environmental and social issues and opportunities found. This should be completed on the GRI audit matrix provided. (30% of marks)
2. A critical analysis of the findings and objective identification of 2 key issues found using an appropriate framework. These can be positive or negative issues. (30% of marks)
3. The proposal of a sustainability strategy to address these key issues. This should include consideration of timescales involved and resources required to implement recommended actions. You should provide clear justification for your recommendations and consider how these might be implemented. This strategy needs to be based on expert opinion and complementary actions taken by other organisations to demonstrate its credibility and likelihood of success. (40% of marks)
The Audit must be completed on the GRI template provided on Blackboard. This must be attached as an appendix to your overall report and referenced appropriately in the text. Do not submit a zip file containing 2 separate documents.
**Assignment is based on case study which I will provide after accepting a bid. Also the assignment has to lign up with audit that I have already done.

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