For this topic, you should write a thesis-driven essay that asserts the role tha

For this topic, you should write a thesis-driven essay that asserts the role that forgiveness can and/or can’t play in the confrontation of the racial legacy in the United States. What are the benefits of forgiveness? What are its limitations? (You should think about the significance of forgiveness both from a personal/individual and political/cultural perspective; it will also help to research this topic from a historical perspective as well as thinking about contemporary issues — Black Lives Matter, defunding the police, reparations, etc.)
Remember that these are complex issues, ones that don’t have easy answers or solutions. To help you expand your knowledge, you will be required to find two outside sources for this essay. You must find these sources through one of the databases at Chabot’s library. These sources must be a substantial, academic articles (not just a brief newspaper article — at least 10+ pages). You can click on “peer reviewed” or “scholarly” articles when you’re searching (every database will be a bit different, but these articles tend to be research-based). If you want to use a source that you get outside these databases, you’ll want to approve it through me (I’ll give you a handout on how to evaluate sources to give you some guidance). In addition, if you see connections between Hawes’s book and our previous two books, you may cite from ONE of these (though you will still need to find two additional sources).
paper should be 1500-1750 words (PLUS your Works Cited page)

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