For this assignment, you will research an aviation accident/incident that will b

For this assignment, you will research an aviation accident/incident that will be assigned to you, which was the result of miscommunication. You will be required to give facts about the crash, analyze why the crash occurred, and propose possible solutions that the aviation industry can do to avoid future incidents. You will turn in a written summary and analysis of your crash.
All work must include references and use correct APA formatting, including a title page, running head, and page numbers.
What should I include?
As with all assignments, start with an introduction and finish with a conclusion. Your introduction will be a narrative format, meaning it will tell us the story in an interesting way. Make us feel like we are there. The body of your presentation will identify the main issues or problems, an analysis of the issues you presented (why they happened), and possible solutions or strategies that can prevent future issues. The body will be in an expository format, meaning it will take us through facts and possible solutions. Your paper should be approximately 600- 800 words. Be sure to only use your words; any plagiarism will result in a zero without the opportunity to redo the paper. This is your final and is 20% of your grade.
How will I be graded?
Please see the rubric in Canvas for specific grading details. Here is a brief summary of those areas:
Identification of the main issues/problems
Analysis of the issues
Comments on effective solutions/strategies
Citations and references to course readings and additional research, all in APA format
Grammar and sentence mechanics

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