Extra Credit Assignment 2 The goal of this extra credit is to think about primar

Extra Credit Assignment 2
The goal of this extra credit is to think about primary materials and how one would design and put such material together in order to tell the “story” of the COVID-19 pandemic, while offering an analysis/interpretation of the material. To complete this assignment, construct an essay about the type of museum exhibit you would create about the COVID-19 pandemic using the following guidelines. (All sections must be complete to receive full credit.)
Choose FIVE artifacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to a mask (total of 6), and explain what significance they have regarding the pandemic. Your artifacts should be physical objects, although you are permitted a maximum of 2 media sources.
Add images of your items to your essay, either as attachments at the bottom, or included within the text. Do not submit separate files.
Explain how you would display the objects: for what kind of museum would you plan this exhibit, with what audience in mind, and in what order/presentation?
You might consider: art galleries, local historical societies, museums (art, science, historical, children’s, etc.), outdoor public spaces, etc.
While there might be some text involved, how will you convey your interpretations through design, staging, and the artifacts themselves?
What themes/feelings/analysis would you like your exhibit to convey? What ideas do you want your audience to walk away with?

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