Background of the research paper: You will be given a chance to distribute a que

Background of the research paper:
You will be given a chance to distribute a questionnaire to conduct a research project about Hong Kong-Shenzhen bridging program in English Language Teaching (primary schools) 2022. This program has been organized and financialized by both HKSAR and Shenzhen Education Bureaux for almost 10-consecutive-year.
You need to design a questionnaire so that you can send it online to collect data from the participants (i.e. English teachers in primary schools in Shenzhen) during this program.
Your research topic and proposal should be related to English Language education in Shenzhen, China.
Your content of your research depends on the direction of your research proposal and how you set your questionnaire. For example, your research can be related to English teaching and learning / teaching development in primary schools in China.
After distributing your questionnaire online and collecting data from the primary school teachers, you are expected to write a research paper at doctoral level.
Guidelines of your research paper:
Research papers should be written with the following elements in the following order: title page; abstract; keywords; main text introduction, research questions, methodology and account of investigation, results, discussion; acknowledgments; declaration of interest statement; references; appendices (as appropriate); table(s) with caption(s) (on individual pages); figures; figure captions (as a list).
Papers should normally be between 4000 and 6000 words, inclusive of the abstract, tables, figure captions, endnotes.
Papers should include an unstructured abstract of 150 words and between 3 and 6 keywords.
My initial ideas:
I found that the article “The importance of English in primary school education in China_perceptions of students” may be useful.
I have come up with a tentative topic below:
The Importance of English in Primary School Education in China: Perceptions of Teachers
Please see if my tentative topic makes sense and doable. Please help me come up with 2 more similar research essay topics for approval by my professors in university.
Then, please write an abstract, keywords, research proposal, 20 questions for the questionnaires.
With the approval from the professor, I will then use the questionnaire to collect data for this research essay.

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