1. Choose a client from your current field internship or place of employment. Be

1. Choose a client from your current field internship or place of employment. Be sure to change the name to protect confidentiality. ( I have provided my client already please refer to the document I attached) (***The primary distinction between a mood disorder with psychotic symptoms and schizophrenia is the presence of psychotic symptoms even when mood is normal. Keep that in mind for the paper!****)
2. Briefly describe the agency setting and the source and reason for referral.
3. Briefly identify your client’s age, living situation, work situation, and family and cultural background. Do not include information that would make your client easy to identify.
4. Generate a diagnosis. Please remember that the DSM 5 is a reference manual. Using your understanding of the DSM and the organization of the manual including major classifications of disorders and criteria for determining the “presence” of a particular disorder, consider the whole book potentially useful to your work, including categories we have not yet covered.
5. Document your process. For example, which major categories did you consider initially? What key features did your client exhibit that suggested a particular category of disorder? How did you rule in or rule out particular disorders. Do you need additional information to rule in a particular disorder? If so, what information do you need and for what purpose
6. Identify and discuss examples of specific criteria involved in the diagnoses you considered that require an evaluative judgment to be made, based on such things as varied understandings of normative behavior, language that is open to interpretation, and a clinical threshold that is represented in non-specific terms. This is the reliability question as it relates to the DSM.
7. Using literature available on your selected diagnosis and/or symptom focus (peer reviewed e-journals found in the Touro College or Google Jorunal DATABASES/LIBRARIES are appropriate but not Wikipedia or other internet sites), identify and briefly discuss two treatment approaches found to be effective either in addressing prominent symptoms displayed by your client or a specific disorder you have ruled in based on DSM 5 criteria. You may not reuse a previous assignment—it is important that you use this part of the paper to broaden and/or deepen your understanding of interventions and their rationale for use in particular circumstances. Please note: While psychopharmacological interventions may be indicated, do not select psychopharmacological interventions for the purpose of this paper. Select interventions a social worker might employ. You may use articles from the course bibliography if appropriate to your topic. Be sure to document your sources using APA publication style for your in-text citations and reference list.
I have attached the rubric please ensure to follow the rubric to get a passing grade of an A

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