You are hired as the Corporate (business services) Compliance Officer of a new h

You are hired as the Corporate (business services) Compliance Officer of a new hospital,
getting ready to open in 3-4 months. As of today the hospital hasn’t developed a compliance
program, As the compliance officer of the new hospital, what steps you would take to ensure
that the hospital has an effective compliance program and is in compliance upon opening?
Purpose of the test:
The purpose of the exam is to test your understanding of the components
of an effective compliance program and tools needed to design, develop and timely implement a complex project.
The report should address at least the following components:
1. Planning and implementing a project (the steps you would take and the tools you would
2. Developing an effective Corporate Compliance Program (designing and developing the
compliance plan taking into consideration all important components an effective
compliance program)
3. Outline of the report should be as follows:
a. Title
b. Planning the project
c. Design and develop an effective compliance program
d. Steps/tools to take to keep the program on time
e. Comments
Answer the questions using
the text book (EHC, Safian) and class lectures
Report should be about 3-5 pages, double spaced, font size 12, using the outline above. Be sure to review the PPT presentation – Final Exam Review, Module 16.

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