You and a friend who studies at LSU too will be staying with a host family in Ch

You and a friend who studies at LSU too will be staying with a host family in Chile next year as exchange students. Write the father of the host family a 150-175 word email with the following:
• Your and your friend’s age, where the 2 of you are from, what you and your friend study, a description of you and your friend using 4 different adjectives, and information about where your and your friend’s families live and how many classes each of you has this semester;
• Questions about the names, ages and occupations of at least 3 different members of the family you will stay with, plus some more questions to ask how they are and how they are doing;
• A mention of your activities in a typical day at LSU, using at least 6 different verbs;
• Questions about pasttimes, free time activities and sports events that students in Chile practice, and where they take place;
• Ask the father when the students from Chile are going to come to Louisiana.
This email must cover the following grammar topics:
• Vocabulario: la familia, las profesiones, masculine/feminine and plural/singular adjectives to describe people, plural/singular possessive adjectives
• Regular -er and -ir verbs, tener/venir, expressions with tener
• Vocabulario: pasatiempos, el tiempo libre, sports, places around the city
• Present tense of ir and its 2 main uses (physical movement and future)
• 4 types of irregular stem-changing verbs (e→ie, o→ue, e→i, u→ue), verbs with irregular yo form
Show that you can use as many conjugations as possible, do not use only the yo and tú forms, use the él, ella, nosotros/as, ellos/as conjugations. Pay attention to capitalization, accented vowels, spelling, and special characters (¿ ¡ ñ), don’t forget the opening question mark ¿ for questions.

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