Select three of these learning objectives to be discussed. write a post which di

Select three of these learning objectives to be discussed. write a post which discusses the three learning objectives you have selected. (MAKE SURE TO LIST THE OBJECTIVE BEING USED)
There is a word length requirement for your initial post. If you wish to receive full credit for your initial post, it must be at least 200 words long as measured by a word processor, such as, MS Word.
Chapter 25: The Milky Way Galaxy
Explain why William and Caroline Herschel concluded that the Milky Way has a flattened structure centered on the Sun and solar system.
Describe the challenges of determining the Galaxy’s structure from our vantage point within it.
Identify the main components of the Galaxy.
Describe the structure of the Milky Way Galaxy and how astronomers discovered it.
Compare theoretical models for the formation of spiral arms in disk galaxies.
Describe historical attempts to determine the mass of the Galaxy.
Interpret the observed rotation curve of our Galaxy to suggest the presence of dark matter whose distribution extends well beyond the Sun’s orbit.
Describe the radio and X-ray observations that indicate energetic phenomena are occurring at the galactic center.
Explain what has been revealed by high-resolution near-infrared imaging of the galactic center.
Discuss how these near-infrared images, when combined with Kepler’s third law of motion, can be used to derive the mass of the central gravitating object.
Distinguish between population I and population II stars according to their locations, motions, heavy-element abundances, and ages.
Explain why the oldest stars in the Galaxy are poor in elements heavier than hydrogen and helium, while stars like the Sun and even younger stars are typically richer in these heavy elements.
Describe the roles played by the collapse of a single cloud and mergers with other galaxies in building the Milky Way Galaxy we see today.
Provide examples of globular clusters and satellite galaxies affected by the Milky Way’s strong gravity.

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