Please NOTE that any pedia websites, “tutor4u” “tutor2u” “UkEssays” are NOT ALLO

Please NOTE that any pedia websites, “tutor4u” “tutor2u” “UkEssays” are NOT ALLOWED.
Only E-books, other internet sources and journal articles are allowed.
Do not do cover page, just do the Table of contents & the reference section must be done alphabetically A-Z on the last page, and importantly, intext citations throughout the assignment is a MUST.
Human Resource Management
1000 words
Everything must be paraphrased & cited correctly, intext citation after every sentence is a MUST.
To do;
Motivation (300 – 400 words)
– Define in detail what is Motivation in HRM?
– Explain the 2 types of Motivation; Instrinsic & Extrinsic.
– Explain 3 theories and align it with Motivation. (Taylor, Marslow, Herzberg’s theories)
Engagement (600 – 700 words)
– Define what is Engagement in HRM?
– Talk about Khan (1990) psychological studies on Engagement, what has he found out? Khan (1990). Psychological
conditions of personal engagement and disengagement at work’, Academy of
Management Journal, 33, page 692 – 724.
– Talk about the Transactional & Transformational approach of Engagement.
– Take a few Engagement practices to a happy workplace on the internet and explain how it works.
Please paraphrase everything and put intext citations after every sentence.

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