after finishing both please submit This should be an image you made in the softw

after finishing both please submit
This should be an image you made in the software using the De Stijl style.Assignment Description
Our second tutorial for this week is a continuation of tutorial 1:
You will now complete the next three videos on the page:
4. Fine-tune Your Logo
5. Add Text
6. Preview and Save your Logo
The fifth video, Add Text, references using the Adobe Typekit feature. You do not need to use Adobe Typekit. Simply select a font of your choice that you already have access to.
When finished, please save your completed image as a JPEG using the Save for Web feature demonstrated in video 6. Submit your JPEG file to the Tutorial 2 Dropbox in the previous folder.
For your first vector-based graphic project you will create an original De Stijl design.
What is De Stijl?
Among the pioneering exponents of abstract art, De Stijl artists espoused a visual language consisting of precisely rendered geometric forms – usually straight lines, squares, and rectangles–and primary colors. Expressing the artists’ search “for the universal, as the individual was losing its significance,” this austere language was meant to reveal the laws governing the harmony of the world.
The design may be of any size and dimension. It can be abstract art, or it can be an ordinary object that you give the De Stijl look to. For an idea of what De Stijl artwork looks like, I suggest doing an image search of “De Stijl.” Basically, you are limited to the use of straight lines, primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and neutral tones of white, black and gray.
Please export your completed image as either a PNG, JPG or PDF file to submit to this dropbox.
Include a description of your concept along with your image.

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