The final paper will involve comparing two conceptions of human nature using two

The final paper will involve comparing two conceptions of human nature using two texts
that we have read this semester. You may choose any two texts, however, at least one of them must be from the second half of the course (Descartes or later). The paper can either address how these texts address human nature generally or you may choose a more specific aspect of human nature that you would like to discuss (knowing, reason, free will, etc.). Begin by providing an analysis of the first text, then do the same for the second. After analyzing both texts compare the two views, noting both the ways they are interestingly similar and different. In the final section state which view you find more compelling and why. Provide arguments in support of your chosen view. After making your argument, include specific examples from your life to illustrate this understanding of human nature in action.
Here is a rough outline of the structure of the essay:
I. Introduction (1 paragraph)
a. Discuss sum of view x and y.
b. Thesis: I argue that view X is more compelling because ____.
II. Analysis of Text 1 (2-4 paragraphs) Augustine – On the Free Choice of the Will book 1 part 2
III. Analysis of Text 2 (2-4 paragraphs) Descartes – Meditation I & II
IV. Comparison of the two texts
a. Similarities (1-3 paragraphs)
b. Differences (1-3 paragraphs)
V. Argue for which view you find more compelling (2-4 paragraphs)
VI. Conclusion (1 paragraph)
A. Restate Thesis
B. Summarize II
C. Summarize III
D. Summarize IV
E. Summarize V
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