Select a service operation with which you are familiar. This should preferably b

Select a service operation with which you are familiar. This should preferably be in the hospitality
and tourism industries, but a related customer service operation would also be possible. If in doubt,
please do check with me.
Based on academic and non-academic sources available, for example, journal articles, case studies,
book chapters, website, promotional material, social media, press coverage etc. prepare a statement
of the service concept your chosen operator is setting out to deliver.
From your experience of the service operation as a customer, evaluate whether your chosen
business is meeting their service promise. Please identify specific strengths and/or weaknesses in
their service delivery. To conclude your report, please also recommend ways in which that service
could be improved based on your analysis presented and learning in this module.
 The report should be a maximum length of 1500 words including an executive summary.
However, the word count excludes the Table of Contents, List of References, and Appendices).
Please note there is a penalty for submissions over this word limit.
 Please include the word count on your front page.
 To ensure that the narrative is supported by evidence, the use of academic sources is expected.
This could be in the form of, but not limited to journal articles, books, or published reports.
 Please ensure you incorporate report tools such as graphics, figures and tables into your
narrative and reference accordingly. Diagrams, pictures, charts, and tables are not included in
the word count.

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