PROFESSORS INSTRUCTIONS: For paper #3, I want you to develop your own topic and

For paper #3, I want you to develop your own topic and thesis based on the authors we have read this term. Choose something from
anyone we have read and develop your own ideas.
Your paper should be an argument, so your thesis should be something like “In this paper, I will argue that _________”.
You can frame your paper similarly by asking “What would Marx (or whomever) think about X?” where X is a philosophical problem
or social issue.
MY SOURCE IS -Author Robert Nozick see attached chapter- I SUPPORT HIS ARGUMENT, Counterargument, is information on those who are against the Nozick’s theory or belief.
I attached Rawls just for reference for argument.
NOTES: Rawls’ definition of justice is “fairness.” He believes that everyone should be treated equally regardless of their race, background, gender, etc. Those with inequalities should have equal opportunities and enable the maximum benefit to the least privileged members of society. One example, since I own a business and make good money, I should be taxed high, so the taxes benefit the less fortunate. Also, housing, low-income people should be able to live in different areas of town. Such programs like affordable housing have been designed to help them do that.
In contrast, Nozick’s definition of justice is that whatever society or individual has earned legitimately, they are entitled to it, which is
his “entitlement theory.” No one should be forced to support others; however, they can be kind and voluntarily help those in need.
Nozick doesn’t believe it’s wrong to help people, but he thinks it should be voluntary, not through the mechanisms of the state.
External research is not necessarily required, but may be necessary depending on your paper. Such research must be properly cited, of
Please follow this Grading outline:
In order to earn an A grade (typically a 95, adjusted slightly up or down), the paper MUST have ALL of the following:
A clear thesis
A brief introduction that focuses on outlining the paper’s argument
A brief but clear explanation of key concepts.
A well formed, clear argument for the paper’s position
A brief conclusion that summarizes the paper’s argument
Proper citations
A complete works cited page. (Note: the works cited page does not count as one of the 3-4 pages for the paper
Page numbers
Evidence of editing for typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc

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