Directions: Your objective is to make a thoughtful selection of a single, specif

Directions: Your objective is to make a thoughtful selection of a single, specific example of
contemporary visual culture (2000-present) that directly relates to one of the themes in art
we have seen thus far, identify its meaning, and analyze it in terms of how that meaning is
conveyed visually. Your intro paragraph should identify & introduce your subject, as well as the
theme you will be connecting your subject to. The intro should also include a specific thesis. A
thesis takes a position or makes a claim that hints at deeper issues and suggests where you will
be going in your paper. A thesis is a claim that you need to support. This can be as simple as a
brief statement about the meaning of the image & how meaning is being communicated
visually. Alternately, your thesis could be a question that the rest of the paper explores &
answers. Or, it may be a claim you make about how your image relates to the theme you
selected. Etc. There are many possible approaches. For example: A thesis for Shepard Fairey’s
iconic Hope could be: “In contrast to examples of political images & portraits of leaders from
the renaissance that focus on status, power & wealth (Such as Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini portrait),
Fairey’s HOPE poster focuses on patriotism, optimism & hope.” PLEASE NOTE: Because I
provided that subject & thesis as a sample, *you may not use either for your paper.*
In addition: you are to include three art historical references (particular connections or
contrasts) between your contemporary subject and one or more specific work(s) of art from the
historical period we have covered so far. What kind of connections? There are many
possibilities, but they might be in relation to subjects, style, composition, themes, etc.. This can

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