Analyzing episodes on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. If you don’t have one of t

Analyzing episodes on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. If you don’t have one of these suscribtions i have one. This is a final exam so I need an A. The rubric is detailed, and has about 6 questions. Please answer all questions thoroughly. Assignment is not hard at all. I am also leaving a link for all theories covered in class, you will have to find the right theory being reflected in the film from list of theories on the google slides link. If you feel you can’t get an A please don’t bid. File with Rubric is attached below.
Link to theories google folder:
Choice #1: House of Cards, Season 1, Episode 1 “Chapter 1” (Netflix)
House of Cards is a political drama (perhaps some persuasion? some interpersonal drama?) with lots of news media thrown in.
Choice #2: Modern Love, Season 1, Episode 2 “When Cupid a Prying Journalist” (Amazon Prime)
Modern Love is a serial show, which means each episode tells a different story with a whole new cast. This particular episode is about a dude who makes dating apps and a journalist who is interviewing him. It’s a fun, 30 minute love story, but I bet you’ll find some things in there about people meeting each other for the first time and relationships and even media.
Choice #3. Abbot Elementary, Episode 1, “Pilot” (Hulu)
Abbot Elementary is a mockumentary about elementary school teachers who are unsupported in their work by their administration and their city. There’s some good interpersonal stuff here and some persuasion. You also might enjoy commenting on the teachers self-perceptions. Lots of good material here.

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