You are not describing where you are today and who are your members of your fami

You are not describing where you are today and who are your members of your family, but how you got to where you are by family or social institutions.
I will upload a picture of instructions. You will have to make up a story that sounds real since it is supposed to be about me.
No work cited since its a autobiography
Since it is a sociology class I have to have two readings in the paper and reflect it with my life.
Here is a timeline so you can get a picture of what to write.
I was born and raised in California however my parents decided to bring me to the philippines to understand my culture. I stayed until I was eligable for kindergarden in america.
My parents were poor, the economic state in the philippines is bad which is considered a developing third world country. My parents would take any job available, however, due to high population and low job availability this would basically be hard on us.
my grandmother was supporting us over in america as she is a nurse who got her degree from the philippines which applied to work in america and recieved citizenship from it.
My parents did have a high
school degree although it did not help in the work force. My whole family in
the Philippines is big, we have to at least 50 people in a province. All 50 of
whom are poor which is not because they choose too, but because how hard and
corrupt Philippines is. When they do get jobs most of the income goes to the
state due to taxes
Once I reached the age of 8 or 9 i went to kindergarden. Not sure if 8 or 9 is kindergarden. Once at highschool I was able to get good grades in some years and some I had bad. Despite one bad year I manage to get straight A’s on my senior year which led me to this college for free. I took advantages of free scholarships and money from the government.
Now you can add whatever you want between these timeline to make it sound good. For the sociological aspect, I need you to use education an recources. Lack of education and recources in the phillipines and the opposite in america. I will add two readings which you alse need to read for this paper to add on too.

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