Write a critical essay that analyzes the theme (central idea) of T.C. Boyle’s no

Write a critical essay that analyzes the theme (central idea) of T.C. Boyle’s novel, The Tortilla
Curtain. In this essay, it is up to you to determine the main
theme of the story. To do so you will want your essay to consider how this theme is evident,
throughout the entire novel, in the differences and similarities between its two main families: the
Mossbachers and the Rincons. Be patient in selecting your theme. That is, recurrently consider
what the story is “really” about, what it appears to be about to you, and be open to modifying
what you believe the theme to be. Also, keep in mind that despite all of their apparent
differences, the Mossbachers and the Rincons share human traits and needs: family; eating;
transportation; lodging; etc. In other words, remind yourself that they are human beings. Doing
so will allow you to recognize similarities between them. In your essay, you will show how the
theme of The Tortilla Curtain is evident in examples of similarities and differences between
the Mossbachers and the Rincons.
In this essay, you will need to directly reference Beyond Feelings
(3-111) at least twice. Additional research is also required for this essay. You will need to cite
at least two scholarly sources that cannot be found in either Literature: A Portable
Anthology or Beyond Feelings.
Your essay should be typed, at least 5 pgs., double-spaced, observe 1 in. margins all around, and
use a reasonable font. You must include a bibliography (which is not counted towards the 5 pgs.).
Use MLA style in your bibliography as well as in in-text citation.

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