This is a juvenile criminology class. Please focus on juvenile crime and etc. Th

This is a juvenile criminology class. Please focus on juvenile crime and etc.
The paper is (5) pages with 12 ft in size and Times New Roman font. Choose a relevant juvenile justice story. Examine whether the story can help you expound on the theories. You may also use any film/series and apply it to the theoretical perspectives from the course. (CITE APA style). Present a clear argument about how the theory explains why/what happens in the film/series/storyline with examples. Use critical thinking skills to explain the experiences of the character in the film to larger issues of society. The paper should be five pages and use multiple theories. It is important that you DO NOT retell the story, this is not a book report but a way to analyze a story that can support your academic thinking. You can use fragments of the story to get your point across. (PLEASE CITE YOUR WORK). Be creative and make sure you use the theories to express guilt or innocence. Defend your
Case-based on one of these topics:
1. Death Penalty life sentence
2. non-violent offender with a life sentence
3. violent offender with a life sentence. ( I think this one is one of the juvenile cases being sentenced to life imprisonment).
4. Cannibalism life sentence
I chose the number 3. from the case topic. I think it is more appropriate for the case studies that are under.
Use the 8th Amendment and Graham v. Florida case or Roper v. Simmons or Miller v. Alabama.
Choose a minimum of 2 case studies to add to your argument followed by the theoretical
perspectives you choose. Argue FOR or AGAINST to support your argument.
Please cite all work APA style
I was thinking about the topic, of using the Jones v. Mississippi case. Then use the 8th amendment and Roper v. Simmons case for the term paper. Whichever topic and 2 cases are appropriate for this assignment please help.
5 double-spaced pages and the citation on a separate page.
Please keep in mind, that there will be multiple plagiarism programs used to check and grade this paper, such as “Turnitin” etc. For any questions just message me I will reply asap. I will leave a tip after I receive the grade for the paper which should be a few days after I submit it. Thank you.

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