This assignment reqiures you to watch an about 2 hour video based off of a story

This assignment reqiures you to watch an about 2 hour video based off of a story of a mother and her chidren but mainly off the character of LOVE. This biopsycho-social is based off Love and everything she went through and her llife now after and you as her social worker. I posted the specific directions needed to cpmplete this assignment in which due to the short notice and work I will pay extra for. Please follow these steps directly in order to cpmplete this assignment. I also attached a recording of the entire documentary due to it not being free. Also attached the specific outline needed in order to complete this biopsycho-social correctly section by section and what needs to be in every section.
You are a case manager working with the School Preventive Services Agency and you have been assigned to work with Love. Preventive Service Agencies work with families who have a history of involvement with the Administration of Children’s Services (ACS) because they have had a child removed or is at risk for removal from the home due to allegations of child abuse and neglect. The goal of preventive service agencies is to keep families together while ensuring that the children are developing physically, socially and emotionally age appropriately in a safe environment. This is achieved by providing direct (case management or counseling) or indirect (informational and referral) services that support and strengthen child and family functioning thereby reducing the risks that could lead to having children placed into the foster care system.
Case managers generally work with a caseload of 12 to 15 families for a period of 12 to 18 months during which they will meet with individual family members as well as the entire family. Meetings occur as often as needed and at least twice per month (either in the agency, in the client’s home or in the community) during which they monitor the home and support adaptive functioning.
Families are assigned a case manager who partners with them to identify and assess their needs using a Bio-Psycho-Social assessment. Based on the assessment the case manager in collaboration with the client/family develop a service/treatment plan which essentially outlines and guides the work to be done. For example, in working with a family with a 12-year-old boy the case manager in completing the BPS assesses the need for tutoring services. The case manager would then assist the family is obtaining tutoring services by identifying tutoring resources, make a referral or help the family to obtain the services and monitor how well the services benefit the youngster while addressing any obstacles that might interfere with his participation. In doing this work the case manager would support the youngster and his family in the process of engaging in services while also learning of other needs they may have. This work is documented in the BPS in the intervention plan section.
Within this context, write a 5-to-7-page paper (12-point font with 1” margins) that addresses each component of the BPS assessment focusing on Love and based on the information you have gathered from watching the movie. The BPS is written in a narrative format using the main headings of the different sections (see below). Please refer to the BPS guide for further explanations about the specific information to include under the different headings.
Bio-psycho-social outline (Please refer to BPS outline)
I) Identifying Information
II) Presenting Problem/Reason for Referral
III) Client description/history
IV) Current functioning
V) Formulation (your understanding of the case)
VI) Intervention Plan/goals (what would be your next steps and the goals in working with Love in addressing her primary needs and how might you achieve them; how do you understand the information and how does this inform your planning for social work intervention).
The BPS presented in a clear, concise, accurate (putting information in the appropriate categories) and organized manner with correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Remember what you write and how you present your ideas is an important element of professional practice and a reflection of your professional activities and self.
A complete BPS will include the following:
1. A cover page that states: Love’s BPS with your name on it (please no designs, art etc.)
2. The BPS starts at the top of the page with the heading: I) Identifying Information
The BPS is completed in narrative format using the BPS headings (e.g.: Identifying Information, Presenting Problem/Reasons for Referral, Client Description/History

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