Task: For Essay 1, you will be revising your diagnostic essay as well as adding

Task: For Essay 1, you will be revising your diagnostic essay as well as adding on an additional 1-2 body paragraphs before the conclusion to tell a bit about your own story and how it might mean something to someone else and/or how you might open doors or tear doors down for others.
The prompt is similar to the diagnostic essay with one key difference (highlighted below):
Summarize Hazim Hardeman’s education story and his overall argument shared in his commencement speech (Helpful questions to consider: What do you think about his claim that each person’s story can be meaningful to someone else? What does he mean by “opening doors” and “tearing doors down”?). Then, respond to it with your own education story and argument/insights.
For this essay, aim to write at least six well-developed paragraphs. (In order for it to be well-developed, you should aim to write an essay that is 3 or more pages in length.) Keep in mind that the directions for Essay 1 require you to add on to your diagnostic essay and also revise it to strengthen it. In particular, make sure to make any needed adjustments to the introduction and thesis and conclusion from your diagnostic essay as you revise in order to fully introduce and sum up what YOU are saying in the essay.
As part of this process, you might consider quoting or paraphrasing from Deesha Dyer’s article in your introduction and/or conclusion to help round out your argument. (Only do this if you really connected with something Dyer said in particular: this is truly optional!)
Please read the directions below on structure carefully.
Begin with an introduction: First catch your reader’s attention by beginning with a hook. Then include some background information pertaining to your thesis (this could be about your journey to community college and/or your goals for being here, and you should also introduce Hardeman’s commencement speech to the reader). End the introduction with a thesis statement that sums up Hardeman’s argument and your response to it.
Next, write 2 well-developed body paragraphs to summarize Hardeman’s education story and his argument. You are welcome to also incorporate brief quotations (in the form of quote sandwiches) from Hardeman in your summary of his speech.
Your next 2-3 well-developed body paragraphs should respond to Hardeman’s argument with your own thoughts and insights and also introduce your own education story and how it might mean something to others and/or how you might open/tear down doors for others.
Note: Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence that introduces the paragraph’s main idea and connects to your thesis. Use transition words as needed for flow.
End with a conclusion paragraph. The conclusion should restate, in different words, the thesis and main ideas expressed in the body paragraphs of your essay. Consider how you might tie the ideas of your essay together to give readers something to act on or reconsider.
Audience: You are writing for your peers—intelligent and curious college students who are unfamiliar with the readings and topics discussed in this class.
Due Dates:
Final draft due: Sunday, March 6
Here is a formatting template to help you set up your document using MLA format: MLA Formatting Template for TurnItIn.docx Download MLA Formatting Template for TurnItIn.docx
Criteria for Success/Rubric:
A successful essay will include:
An introduction with a carefully chosen and interesting hook as well as any necessary background information.
A one to two sentence thesis that answers the prompt, makes a specific claim, and is correctly positioned in the final sentence(s) of the introduction.
Body paragraphs with clear topic sentences.
Body paragraphs with thoughtfully developed supporting evidence/examples.
A conclusion that summarizes the thesis and main ideas and provides a concluding thought.
A well-organized and well-developed essay displaying the student’s critical thinking about the topic and thesis; the essay meets the assignment guidelines.
Appropriate in-text citations and ethical use of summary, paraphrase, and quotation (avoids plagiarism).
Correct punctuation and no pattern of grammar errors; the paper has been carefully proofread and uses MLA formatting. The essay has an original title.
Sentences that convey a clear message and meaning.
Skills: The purpose of this assignment is to write an essay that will help you work toward many of the English 101 Learning Outcomes. For Essay 1, we will particularly focus on the steps of the writing process, summary, developing introductions and thesis statements, and overall essay organization.
Knowledge: This essay will draw on your own background knowledge as well as the knowledge you gain from reading and reflecting on Hazim Hardeman’s May 2018 commencement speech. I hope that this essay will provide an opportunity to reflect on your own educational background and goals as well as connect them with and learn from the perspective of a CCP graduate.

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