Sport development strategy 1000-word report: Due 12noon Tuesday 17 May 2022 The

Sport development strategy 1000-word report:
Due 12noon Tuesday 17 May 2022
The 1000 word report will be based the on the
development of a UK sport active
partnership specifically of an organization of my choosing (London Sport).
The following are the topics that are to be covered
and addressed throughout the word report in relation to London Sport. Critically
examine a sport development strategy from one organisation which covered and to
be found on week slides 8-11. (listed below)
Identifies the influence of government
Explains the rationale for the policy with
appropriately referenced scholarship
Evaluates the benefits and limitations of
the policy
Is written with appropriate presentation,
style, vocabulary and syntax
Below are the are the recommended information
resources that my tutor expects to be used as sources of referencing, some of
them will be links to the websites and eBook titles. If you can’t access the
eBook links of each book title I’ve attached the VLeBook website so that it’s
easier to gain access. You can as well use other links and resources of your
choice that relate according to all of these especially other resources that
are in relation to London Sport.
Links and resources:
London Sport
Active partnerships
Access to eBooks
Foundations of sport development (Ch 9
Sport policy systems and sport
federations: a cross-national perspective (Ch. 14)
Sport, policy, and development: an
introduction (Ch. 3)
Disability, sport and society: an
introduction (Ch. 1)
Sport England
FA England What We Do Strategy
Note: I’m going to be requesting a final copy before the
official deadline to submit to my lecturer so that she gives me feedback on how
well it is, if any corrections that she says that needs to be fixed and made I’ll
send you what results that need to be improved and fixed so that I get my finalized
copy before the official deadline.

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