Primary objective: Create a researched argument. Your argument is likely to take

Primary objective:
Create a researched argument. Your argument is likely to take one of these forms:
A causal argument, in which you argue that X causes Y (or that Y is the result of X)
A proposal argument, in which you identify a problem, argue for a specific solution to the problem, show how the solution solves or helps to solve the problem, and answer potential objections to your solution
A definitional or evaluative argument, in which you argue that X belongs in category A (definition) or argue that X is a “good” example of A.
Points of Emphasis
Your paper must be an argument rather than merely a report of what sources say or a summary of the film.
Your project must account for all source use, and this requirement includes use of source ideas through paraphrase or summary as well as use of source language through quotations
You must provide a correctly-formatted and complete Works Cited page
Papers must integrate quotes, using appropriate signal phrases; you must respond to ideas and language from sources, showing how and why you’re using the sources and how and why the sources are related to your argument
The 4 sources you will use for the argument for linked down below as: Source 1, soruce 2, source 3, and source 4.
Make the arugment using cinderella to explain how women are gender streotyped with all four sources. Also, make sure you connect them to each other an example is: This source agrees with this source and say why it agrees. Basically draw connections to support your argument. (This part is really important)
The guideline you need to follow for this arugement:
Causal Arguments
Causal arguments, where we argue that a specific event or action or behavior or belief (or, often, a chain of events) leads to a specific outcome, or we argue that a specific outcome is the consequence of one or more specific events, actions, behaviors, or beliefs, are quite common. If you write a paper for a history class, for example, you may easily find yourself arguing about causality, and research in the physical sciences often seeks to establish causes and effects of particular phenomena.
A causal argument structure may be a good means of advancing your argument in the final project. If you do decide to use that structure, however, here’s one word of caution: Make sure you can demonstrate that Disney/films can affect a change in human behavior or identity.
The following table shows the structure of a causal argument.
(I also linked the formatting for a causal arguement down below and how to follow it excatly). Please look and follow it for correct formatting.
Also here is an examples of a casual arguement for reference:

Causal Argument

If you have any questions let me know.

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