Please read pages 14-18 of the Syllabus carefully before you write the Field Wor

Please read pages 14-18 of the Syllabus carefully before you write the Field Work Paper. Be sure to connect your
observations to at least 3 concepts from class and include at least one citation.
3 concepts from class
What are some differences in funding and structure between charter schools, public schools, and private schools?
Unlike public schools, charter and private schools have a corresponding operational structure. Charter schools are subsidized by grants, donations, state taxes, and awards. Public school finances originate from the state, municipal, and federal governments. In addition, funds are from grants, donations, and prizes. (Watkins, 2013). Essentially, charter schools get state payments per student, while public schools receive more significant tax revenue. In terms of organization, public schools make choices via district and local school boards. District school boards are sometimes in charge of prominent schools and must cope with a slew of bureaucratic procedures. Although charter schools have a school board, that board is generally autonomous and works more closely with school administrators. Furthermore, charter schools often have limited admissions, while public schools do not.
Watkins, T. (2013). The Charter Debate | Dome Magazine. Dome Magazine.
How can you explain the push for privatization in education? What are the pros and cons of privatization and vouchers?
Policymakers are attempting to divert public education dollars and students to the private sector. It is an effort to subcontract with corporate, for-profit businesses for different obligations traditionally handled by the government, such as education. Increased equal access to great schools via the dissociation of dwellings and schools and market-driven encouragement of school development are some of the benefits of privatization. (Hazen et al., 2016). However, first, educational districts will become atomized, resulting in the disappearance of community schools. Second, many parents will have navigational difficulties due to privatization, as they struggle to choose a suitable education for their children. Third, privatization will provide children with opportunities at high-performing schools while leaving many others behind. (Parramore, 2018).
Hazen, D., Hines, E., Rosenfeld, S., & Salett, S. (2016). Who Controls Our Schools?: The Privatization of American Public Education. Independent Media Institute.
Parramore, L. (2018). The Corporate Plan to Groom U.S. Kids for Servitude by Wiping Out Public Schools. Institute for New Economic Thinking.
I work in a private daycare in Elmsford New York, I am currently doing my fieldwork there. I have been observing two different classrooms Young toddler and Pre- K3, I can tell that the lead and assistant teacher have a good dynamic and systems in place to keep things running and as organized as possible, all while still making sure each child’s needs are met. I can say that the relationship between teacher, students, and parents is great. From my experience there I can be honest I say that some parents cannot afford the high monthly payments, but they keep their kids there because is convinces for them. I love working there, the above and beyond, kindness that the staff is incredible. However, parents constantly watching the camera, this is because the school offers it at an additional monthly cost. This gives the parents more peace and feels more comfortable that they can watch their kids during class, play, and nap time. But at the same time, parents complain if there is not enough attention with their children, sometimes the kids don’t want to be part of the lesson and throw a tantrum in the middle of the classroom. I cannot agree with those parents who think that we just need to pay attention to one child. We try our best to give the same amount of time to all the kids, but sometimes it gets difficult when we are short of staff or we have 14 children in one classroom with only two teachers.

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