Need a feasible course of action and implementation plan based around security

Need a feasible course of action and implementation plan based around security risks at Microsoft based around customer security. You may include information about the hacks from Russia in the news.
Section 7: Recommend a Course of Action
Based upon the the analyses conducted, make a recommendation for a course of
action for the firm. Remember the solution must align with the external environment the
firm exists within, must be consistent with the mission of the firm, must utilize existing
resources/capabilities/competences that create a competitive advantage or suggest the
acquisition of needed resources and capabilities, and must match the structure of the firm.
The recommendation must also be consistent with other analyses performed. While you
can be creative in the course of action you suggest, sound strategy leverages and aligns
with the mission, structure, internal environment, and external environment. Also, be
considerate of the financial position of the firm. Is your solution financially feasible?
Section 8: Develop a plan for implementation for the next few years.
Draw from your knowledge from other courses and your own experiences to say
how the solution should be put into effect. Remember that implementation of strategy
occurs at lower levels within an organization and the fundamental base of strategy
implementation is activities. Thus, your implementation plan should describe the
activities that the firm should conduct that are consistent with the course of action
selected in Section 7. Think about what activities should be done and by who such as
which functional area. For example, if you find a firm has a core competence in branding

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