Main Reply: Respond to the prompt below: Paragraph 1: Provide your classmates wi

Main Reply: Respond to the prompt below:
Paragraph 1: Provide your classmates with a paragraph explaining your essay 3 topic and your opinion about that topic. Explain why your audience, your readers, should care about your topic, why your topic should matter to them. Explain how you will focus on a possible solution to the problem you identify as part of your topic. Quote if you wish. (150 words or more).
Paragraphs 2 and 3. Below that paragraph, provide URL links to entries for two sources (if not digital, provide MLA “like” works cited content) that you believe are applicable to your essay topic. The sources need to advance your credibility as a researcher with your audience. You need impressive sources. The easiest and best way to confirm for yourself the source is reliable, highly regarded, is to use sources with human authors. The author has a name and a biography that shows the author is an expert, someone who has experience in the field, someone who other experts respect. Find experts in the field, people like our author, Kolbert, and people she profiles in The Sixth Extinction, people who have spent their lives learning about the problem, the issue.
I will grade your work in part upon the credibility of your sources, and to repeat, that mostly means who wrote the article, how detailed and long is it, and would other smart, informed readers find it credible and illuminating.
KEY POINT: Below each source, provide a brief summary (how many words? 150, or more) of the articles main points, main goals. You should quote at least one time in each summary. Link the ideas in the summary to your own essay and how you might utilize such a resource in your essay.

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