International Business Management Final Project (100 Points) Final Paper will ad

International Business Management Final Project
(100 Points)
Final Paper will address following questions:
· What are the challenges
and opportunities of entering the new market?
· What entry modes would
work for the company?
· What are the potential
reactions of competitors and host government?
· What type of global
strategy should the company pursue?
· How should company
customize the marketing mix? Which functions
company should decentralize?
· How should manage the
issues of the expatriates?
Company Selection:
· Each student will select
a company small or big which intends to go
· Post your choice in the
company selection discussion board.
· Each student is required
to select a unique company. If your choice is
already selected, please choose another.
Paper Description:
This paper allows you to do comprehensive analysis based on an integrated view
of international business management. This means that the report provides
evidences coming from various aspects of international business: entry modes,
global strategy, marketing, human resources, ethical and legal issues, and
financial aspects.
Thoroughly explain your opinions and cite as much outside reference support
(i.e., peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles, and professional sources) to
substantiate your discussion. Empirical research, in particular, will help
strengthen your discussion.
Prepare a detailed 7-8 pages concept paper using the questions below as a
guide. Be sure to incorporate your readings, and cite your sources using APA
guidelines (6th edition including in-text citations and references)
Section 1: Company Overview (Max. 2 Page, double space)
· Organization specifics-
what is the name, nature, size of company, and
· What is the current
status of the company in the industry? (Review website.
· Briefly discuss company’s
competitive landscape. (Should be able to get
information from the web sites cited above).
Discuss the point of view of your company and the host country for which
company wants to go global. (Hint- Globalization practices in the host
country; As this will be the basis for the selection of global strategy for
your company).
Section 2: Identification and Analysis of International Management Topics,
tools, methodologies, concepts
(Max 5 Pages, double space)
Thorough analysis of threats and opportunities of going global. This implies
real data and quantitative evidences are presented (rather than a 100%
qualitative description).
The suggested sections to be included in the Final Project Report are:
· Executive Summary
· Company Background
· Country Background
· Entry Strategy
· Marketing and R&D
· Opportunities and
Challenges of expanding the business in host
· Evaluation and Conclusion
· References
· Exhibits
Paper Guidelines:
· The Country Reports
published by The Economist Intelligence Unit provide
excellent information on all countries around the world.
v – After
entering the site go to Globus, Market and
Country Research, then to Country Commercial Guides. A 50-100 page
document for each country covers many details about entering a given
market for trade. This is a free Web site when accessed through TAMUC
v Contains
information on human development indices and
macro-level country statistics.
Contains country-level economic statistics
v Contains
foreign trade and international population

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