I need a essay wriiten for my Music Appreciation class over a streamed concert.

I need a essay wriiten for my Music Appreciation class over a streamed concert. I have attached the instructions below.
Concert Review/Reaction ( Due: Module 4, Module 8)
You will attend two concerts over the course of these eight weeks and write a reaction for each one. If you have any difficulty finding a live concert, please contact your instructor. Your reaction should include the following:
Selfie of you at the concert, holding the program. ☺ (It should be evident that you are at the concert) Please do not take your selfie while performers are performing unless it is atmospherically appropriate. NOTE: If you are given permission to view a concert online, you are still expected to provide a selfie of you watching the concert, preferably with headphones in order to get a better listening experience.
A picture of the program.
Short descriptions of the venue and audience.
Descriptions of what is happening in the music: SHMRG one piece or movement from the beginning, one from the middle, and one from the end. (You should analyze three pieces or movements in total)
Statements of reaction
Document Organization Expectations:
Create a word document 1-2 pages in length, double‐spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman or Cambria font, default margin sizes. This is an essay, and will be graded as an essay, not as an outline or question/answer page. Your paper should include:
A short introduction describing the concert venue, audience behavior and dress, performer behavior and dress.
Body of Paper: Background and analysis for each of your three chosen pieces which includes:
relevant dates,
specification of which musical era this piece comes from (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, etc)
musical (SHMRG) analyses of your three pieces (A paragraph per piece)
A conclusion with your reaction. Refer back to Zander’s 3 different types of listeners (include youtube link):
What type of listener do you feel you were at this concert?
What benefits to the community did you observe because of this performance?
What might be the effects if the majority of the community chose not to attend this performance?
How might it affect the performers?
How has this performance affected your overall opinion on the importance of supporting the musical arts within your community?
How do you feel your role in supporting the musical arts has changed?
Also include a brief reaction of what you thought of the performance. Did you like it? Why or why not? Did your reaction appear to be the same as others in the audience?
Your paper will be graded on content, appropriate use of grammar/spelling/syntax, and organization/flow. Remember, this is an essay. You are encouraged to visit the Writers Corner https://www.actx.edu/successcenters/writerscorner and have them review your draft before submitting your final copy.
Attach your review…. Be sure to also attach your photos. You will find the submission links and rubrics for each of these concert reviews in Module 4 and Module 8. Please don’t forget to view the rubric.
In planning your concert attendance, know that the performance must be a seated event with a printed program. Events at Amarillo College are free to attend, and student discount tickets are almost always available at area concerts (call and ask).
Appropriate concert sources include:
Amarillo College School of Music Event Calendar and the Amarillo College Piano Series
Amarillo Master Chorale: https://www.actx.edu/amarillomasterchorale/
Amarillo Opera: https://www.amarilloopera.org/
Amarillo Symphony: https://amarillosymphony.org/
Chamber Music Amarillo: https://amarillosymphony.org/chamber-music-amarillo/cma-upcoming-events/
WTAMU School of Music, Dallas Symphony, Texas Tech University School of Music, etc.
The following events WILL NOT count:
a football game half-time show
a concert in which you are performing
a regularly scheduled worship service (A special church service such as a performance of the Messiah or a concert held at a church WILL count. If you are uncertain or have any questions, please contact your instructor.)

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