Hi there, I’m a ESL student and don’t know anything about psychology to explain

Hi there,
I’m a ESL student and don’t know anything about psychology to explain please help me out. I posted all the information that was available. Thank you and please contact me if you have any questions or ideas.
The main body of the paper should be a minimum of 5 pages and a minimum of three references other than the text. 1) What are the features of a science? (Hint: you might want to rely on the text to help with this, although the Scientific Paradigm article is very helpful)
2) How do the articles address these features in relation to the discipline of psychology?
3) Please summarize the content of each article in your own words.
4) Which articles are the most persuasive in their arguments?
5) Based on the arguments presented, do you think Psychology meets the criteria as a science?
6) Are there sub disciplines in Psychology that are more scientific than other areas?
7) What is the future for Psychology as a science?
For each of these questions, you need to present the rationale for your answer, based on the reading and or your interpretation of the readings or additional references.
OR the 2nd assigned paper is:
Evolutionary Psychology
Questions for this topic:
1) What is it?
2) How does it relate to Psychology generally?
3) What methods does EP use?
4) Controversies?
Regardless of which option you choose (Psychology as a Science, Evolutionary Psychology or your own topic), you will need to address, in addition to the main theme of your paper, these following questions:
1) How is Psychology defined?
2) In what ways does your topic relate to the specific subject matter we covered this semester (i.e., neuroscience, sensation, perception, learning, motivation, emotion, etc.). Identify biological influences related to your topic.
3) Can the Principles of Learning (classical, operant or observational) apply to your topic?
4) How do psychological research methods relate to your topic?
5) How does your topic relate to the discipline of psychology?
Not all these questions will be related to every topic, but address them to explain why the might or might not.This does not count the Title Page, the Abstract or the Bibliography/Reference page.
An APA paper consists of a Title page, an Abstract page, the main body of the paper with a conclusion section and a Bibliography/Reference page. Again, reference the Purdue OWL site. https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/? There you will find a sample APA paper to model yours after.

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