DUE May 1, 2022
Select a racial /ethnically different group than you and write a paper about your findings. The
selection should be methodical or in other words, select the group on the basis of the fact that
you have never had a great deal of interaction with this special population, and this is your
opportunity to read more about the group. Due to the fact that we are still in an pandemic
environment, there is no requirement to interact face -to-face with a member of the selected
Identify the special population that you are writing about and discuss the following:
Explain why you selected this particular group.
Discuss some challenges (barriers) that you experienced prior to writing about this group that may have caused you frustration, or irritation or stress. How did you overcome the challenge?
What are some strengths that you have read about this group? What contributions to American society by this group?
Were there myths / stereotypes that were dispelled by this information that you have been reading as opposed to “things” that you have been told?
Did what you have read in the literature conform to your thinking (what you have been socialized to believe about this vulnerable population) about this special population? If not, explain. This is where you can focus in detail your discussion on what you have read about this particular segment of the population. Make sure that you cite your sources within the context of your discussion. Use a minimum of 3 refereed journal articles (class text should not be considered one of the 3 minimally required).
If this group is in need of the assistance of a social worker, what is it that you would want the social worker to know about the group?
As a result of your readings, what would you like to conclude?
Note: Your class text can be used, but not considered one of the three required references.
APA style must be used when writing this paper. This is inclusive of title page, abstract,
page numbers, in-text citations, and reference page. DO NOT use “I” in your written
description of the interaction. Use the University Writing Center for assistance if this seems
to be an impossible or unreasonable task for you.
Just one last note: Although you are now very much aware of vulnerable populations as
defined by the U.S. Government (e.g., women, elderly, gays, children, disabled, etc.). But
you are requested for this assignment to specifically write about a racially different group.

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