An observation about whether your empire (RUSSIA-See attatchment -Five Empires)

An observation about whether your empire (RUSSIA-See attatchment -Five Empires) fits James Scott’s arguments in chapters 5 and 6. In other words these are all agrarian empires . Does reading about your empire give you confidence that Scott is right in chapters 5 and 6, or raise doubts? (See Attatchment #2) This is the one source the book: Against the Grain (By: James C Scott)
You are welcome to look at other sources if you are curious, but this is meant to be an exercise rather than a research project, and you should have enough in the “Five Empires” reading to do this.
Let James Scott remind you that an empire, and the people subject to an empire, are very different things. For one thing many different people, with different languages, religions, and customs, can be part of a single empire. This is a question about the nature of the empires, and in particular their ruling institutions, which is what you have information about in your reading. Please resist the urge to generalize this to “the people.”

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