After getting yourself exposed to the suggested reading materials and textbook c

After getting yourself exposed to the suggested reading materials and textbook chapters assigned as part of the week lecture(s) materials posted on the Module, write a no less than one-page single spaced OR a two-page double spaced minimum (no less than 250 words) APA formatted (only List of References and in-text citations) Q&A or essay discussing:
A) The CHECKPOINT questions in the PowerPoint Presentation attached;
B) At least 3 of the following questions:
1. The Pew Research Center identified six major trends that are affecting how people get their news today. Discuss four of these trends and explain how the report says the news industry might respond.
2. Why are the 1960s known as the golden age of television news? Name at least three events covered by television news in the 1960s that justify the term.
3. Summarize the early development of cooperative newsgathering and continuing role of news services.
4. Discuss the work of journalist Ernie Pyle in bringing the reality of World War II news to the American people. What was the primary strength or technique of each? For what medium did each report?
5. List and explain three ways in which the Internet has transformed news delivery.
6. Identify the conclusions of the following studies: a. Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann’s “spiral of silence” b. The California Assessment Program c. Loving with a Vengeance: Mass-Produced Fantasies for Women by Tania Modleski
7. How is the Internet transforming media consumption of political campaigns?
8. Describe how cable operators and network broadcasters responded to Congressional hearings on the subject of violent television programming content.
9. Discuss how media content creators have addressed gay, lesbian, and transgender issues. What has been the response by content distributors, government, and the general public? How has this changed over the years?
10. Discuss the study that established the original “magic bullet” theory of media effects. Assess the validity of its methods and findings. Contrast its findings with the Cantril study that examined the effect of Orson Welles’ 1939 “War of the Worlds” broadcast.

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