A persuasive essay will argue for or against a topic. When you write this essay,

A persuasive essay will argue for or against a topic. When you write this essay, avoid using first person (I, me, my, us, we) and second person (you, your) pronouns. Only write in 3rd person (he, she, they, them, their). Your persuasive essay will be 5 paragraphs that contain the following:
• Introduction with a thesis statement and awareness of the opposition.
• 3 body paragraphs that include 4 sources (from San Jac’s library) to support your points. – i have to use certain sources that only my school website log in works so im going to imput my uploaded screenshots of the website sources ive found so you can get the information off there since the link will not work. I uploaded a file called “synthesis chart”and on it is quotes i found from those websites that i thought would be useful so the quotes go with the webistes i uploaded screenshots of im sure you will notice that.
• Rhetorical appeals and devices to persuade your audience.
• Conclusion restates the thesis and summarizes the key points.
• Place the topic into a larger perspective.
• A works cited that includes the list of your sources used in the essay.- I can do the works cited since you do not have the actual links
In addition, your essay should adhere to the following formatting guidelines:
 MLA format WITH Works Cited
 Times Roman 12 pt font Double spaced (including the heading)
 Length: 800-1000 words
My topic is Gun Control:Should the United States Adopt Stronger Gun Control Laws? I decided that i am AGAINST it, so therefore i disagree with the united states adopting stronger gun control laws.

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