A minimum of two substantial paragraphs per question may suffice. You must do s

A minimum of two substantial paragraphs per question may suffice.
You must do some research on your chosen movie. Thus, at least one
critical source (article, book, published interview, etc) should be
consulted and nicely incorporated into your paper. Quotes and
paraphrased material must be well documented. A “Works Cited”
page must be included MLA Style of Documentation is required.
Make sure that you carefully proofread your work. You are
responsible for what you turn in, not your typist nor anyone else!
Careless, sloppy work will lower the grade on this assignment. The
written assignment is due the last day of class. Please type and bold
each question.
1. In your movie, who are identified as the “have’s and have
not’s”- race, class and/or gender? Why?
2. What is/are the element(s) of race, class, and gender in
your movie?
3. Identify and describe any stereotypes associated in your
movie? Discuss how theses stereotypes have shaped the
over-generalization about the individual or group of
people in the movie.
4. How does the movie address these stereotypes? Does
the movie perpetuate or dispel these stereotypes?
5. What was actually going on in the U.S. with regards to
addressing racial/gender issues and equality when the
movie was seen in theaters across the US?
6. How have these issues been addressed in the recent
years? If they have been addressed, how? If not, what
do you think is needed to make more of an impact on
addressing the issues?
7. How has this body of work affected your awareness of
the issues as displayed throughout the movie?
8. Identify an appropriate audience for this movie. Did this
movie have US appeal/success?
The link to movie is listed below!
The movie is fruitvale station

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