1-2 pages in double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font (1 full page is the m

1-2 pages in double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font (1 full page is the minimum).
Your goal is to analyze one primary source (which you will find/choose below in Blackboard under the folders “Unit 3 Primary Sources” and “Unit 4 Primary Sources”) that we did not discuss in class and do so with a historian’s eye toward the text. There is no set method for how to organize your paper, but you should be sure to do all of the following.
Give some brief context for the source: who is the author(s) of the document, what is the time and place, what events were occurring at the time, etc. Most if not all of the sources will include this information, but if there is any confusion, email Geoff.
Give a detailed summary of the entire document in your own words.
Amidst your summary, include two direct quotations from the text that you believe make important points. Be sure to: 1) explain exactly what the quotation says in your own words (paraphrase it); 2) explain what is significant about what is being said.
Identify some possible points of confusion in the source, or ways in which we might need more information in order to better understand its meaning.
Presumably the paper will be at least several paragraphs, but there is no set number of paragraphs nor required method of organization.
You do not need to cite the primary source you choose using a citation system, though be sure to give the title of the document in the header of your paper (along with your name, date, etc.).
It is not necessary to consult outside sources (books, articles, web sites, etc.) and indeed I would prefer that you do not do so. The objective of the assignment is to demonstrate that you can read/understand primary historical sources and offer some analysis, so it’s important that you arrive at your own view based on the document itself.

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